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2 where should pins and needles be stored after using them a in drawers or cabinets
b. in the sewing kit
con top of bookshelves, out of reach of children
d. In locked drawers
3. Which accessories are good for workers to wear while operating machine
a their ID
b. hair pins and hair nets
c bracelets and necklaces
d. headphones or earphones
4. In washing machines, what keeps us from touching its fast spinning dryer
a. It starts spinning only when the cover is in place.
b. It has proximity sensors that switch it off when a person is near
There is a big warning saying: Do not touch while still running,
d. You can safely touch it even while it moves.
5. Why is it more important to avoid slippery spots on ramps than on a leveur
a. Just hold on to the handrails and you'll be alright.
b. Slipping on a ramp will hurt more than slipping on a level pavement.
c. No such slippery spots on ramps because water runs down, while it for
level pavement.
d. You'll need friction just to stand upright on a ramp, while on a level pareret
stand even if it is slippery.​

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2 where should pins and needles be stored after using them a in drawers or cabinets
b. in the...
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